The 2nd Tokyo Bay Scenic Walking Competition <Odaiba Marine Park>

  • 2019-03-17 ~ 2019-03-17
  • Aomi area

Three walking courses of 10km, 6km and 4km enjoying walking around scenic view in Tokyo; the scenic view from Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge where "Torch Cradle" is scheduled to appear and the Rainbow Bridge is superb. Why don't you enjoy walking in Tokyo waterfront area full of must-see sights?

* 3 Walking Courses
* Walking 4km
- About 4km course enjoying walking around Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge, Gundam and Statue of Liberty
* Walking 6km
- Approximately 6km course experiencing the 3rd Odaiba (Daiba Park) in addition to Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge, Gundam and Statue of Liberty
* Walking 10km
- Approximately 10km course walking through North Route along Rainbow Bridge South Route via Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge, Gundam, Statue of Liberty and 3rd Odaiba (Daiba Park)

Date: Sunday, March 17th, 2019
Place: Odaiba Marine Park - Symbol Promenade Park

For the details, please check the website of the event organizer.

Event Information

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