Recommended Courses Sightseeing Course - Tour of Odaiba's Landmarks -

What springs to mind when you hear "Odaiba"? Gundam? Fuji TV? Ferris wheel?
This fun course takes you around all the famous landmarks you've seen on TV.

① DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Iconic SightsThe Life Sized UNICORN GUNDAM Statue

Whether you're a Gundam fan or not, this life-sized Gundam statue is a must-see when you come to Odaiba.
The gigantic life-sized statue is 19.7 meters high—equivalent to a 6-floor building. The statue is illuminated and puts on a transformer show at certain times—a real highlight.

ガンダム ダイバーシティ ダイバーシティ2

② the Statue of Liberty

Catch a view of the Statue of Liberty from
the free shuttle bus as it travels from Diver City to Fuji TV.


③ Fuji TV

Iconic SightsHachitama

The words "Fuji TV" immediately evoke the company's distinctive spherical office building. But this is no ordinary office building, because the spherical observation deck, known as "Hachitama," is open to the public (for a fee).
The unique spherical shape allows visitors to enjoy 270° panoramic views of Tokyo. The trip to the observation deck is also a lot of fun as you pass through the Fuji TV shop and gallery, and get to experience the atmosphere of a TV station.

ガンダム ダイバーシティ ダイバーシティ2

Travel by free shuttle bus


Iconic SightsGiant Sky Wheel in palette town

Palette Town is the perfect place to relax after touring Odaiba's hot spots.
Stop at the Venus Fort shopping mall for a bite to eat or to do some shopping. The car exhibition at MEGA WEB is also a must-see.
End a day of leisurely sightseeing with a ride on the Palette Town Ferris Wheel, where you can take in the gorgeous night views of Tokyo and Odaiba, picture postcard scenes that epitomize the bay area.
We warmly invite you to visit charming Odaiba and spend many happy hours with your friends or family.

ガンダム ダイバーシティ ダイバーシティ2

Route Map for This Course

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