Sightseeing tour in Odaiba

Standard sightseeing course

There's even more to see in Odaiba other than the famous spots like Fuji TV and the life-sized Gundam statue!!
Here's an introduction to some great popular spots that you can easily walk to on your first visit to Odaiba.


model course

(Daiba Sta.)

Rinkai Line
(Tokyo Teleport Sta.)

Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Statue of Liberty

Fuji TV

Odaiba Marine Park

【Odaiba-kaihinkoen Sta.】【Telecom Center Sta.】

Telecom Center Observatory

This is a large shopping mall where you can enjoy shopping and entertainment

Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Life-sized Unicorn Gundam

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is well-known for its giant, 1:1 scale Unicorn Gundam statue.
The large shopping mall is furnished with plenty to enjoy.
Besides shopping for clothes and eating at the food court, visitors can also enjoy activities like bowling and karaoke at Round 1, or even live concerts at the music hall Zepp DiverCity.

Flame of Freedom Statue

This statue was a present from France in commemoration of the "J'aime la France" promotion campaign in Japan.
The statue, a work by sculptor Marc Couturier, is 27 meters tall (platform included), making it even taller than the Odaiba Statue of Liberty.

The 270-degree panoramic observation room is unforgettable!! Odaiba's best landmarks

Fuji TV


When speaking of Odaiba, You can't forget about Fuji TV, whose office building is most impressive for its giant spherical orb.
The familiar round symbol is actually an observation room named "Hachitama," and visitors are allowed to go inside.
From here, you can see a 270-degree panoramic view of the scenery, which includes Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Skytree.

The Gate of Venus

In West Promenade Park, near the Fuji TV headquarters, visitors can find "The Gate of Venus," a work by Souji Sugiyama that shows a "gate" to the future.
A combination of old and new, within the work we find hopes for a world that is easy to live in and prayers for humanity's happiness.

A symbolic statue in commemoration of the friendship between France and Japan

Statue of Liberty

Limited-time lightup event

The Statue of Liberty Monument in Paris, France.
To commemorate the "J'aime la France" promotion, this monument spent about one year in Odaiba starting in 1998.
A replica was made from a mold taken from the monument, which now stands as a permanent fixture in Odaiba.
It is 11 meters tall when measured from its platform, and about 1/7th the size of New York's Statue of Liberty.

A seaside park where you can spend a pleasant time regardless of the four seasons

Odaiba Marine Park

The park surrounds a cove and offers beautiful views of the waterfront.
You can enjoy various marine sports on the artificial sandy beach "Odaiba Beach" with a length of about 800m.
There is also an observation deck that overlooks popular spots such as the Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, and a beach area where you can enjoy fishing and playing on the beach.

This night view is certified
as a Night View Heritage of Japan

Telecom Center Observatory

Telecom Center 21F

The corridor-style observatory on the 21st floor of the Telecom Center Building has been certified as a Japanese night view heritage, and you can enjoy the night view of the bay area, including Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge.
It's far from the crowded area, so it's a little-known night view spot for those in the know!
Tables and chairs are placed in the spacious observation space, so you can relax slowly.

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