Recommended Courses Leisurely Stroll Course - Let's meet Japanese Wa in Odaiba -

Speaking of Odaiba, you may have an image that the place is for young people, but you can get relaxed unexpectedly.
Here is a course where you can leisurely stroll in Japanese scenery and spots around Odaiba.

① Aomi-Minami Port Park

You can see a lantern, a wooden corridor and a flow or a pond arranged with natural stones. Actually, there are also Japanese style gardens in Odaiba just like in Kyoto or Kamakura.
You can forget the hustle and bustle of the city when walking beside the duck swimming slowly all around. Depending on the viewing direction, the place is a best-kept secret unique to Odaiba, where you can enjoy both Japanese garden and modern scenery at one time.

2 minutes on foot


Speaking of the year 1603, it is the year of Tokugawa shogunate establishment. To commemorate its 400-year anniversary, "OOEDO-ONSEN MONOGATARI" started the operation in 2003.
In the space which reproduced the streets of Edo era, you can spend a relaxing time with not only day-trip bathing but also foot baths and bedrock baths. Of course, there are various restaurants and shops, so you can get relaxed all day just inside of the building.
Every Monday and Tuesday, which are Silver Days, the admission fee for people over the age of 60 will be 50% discounted. It is really good to have such great deals on a daily basis.

8 minutes on foot

③ Telecom Center Observatory

On the top floor of a building shaped like the Arc de Triomphe, there is a best-kept secret sightseeing spot in the Odaiba.
Because the place is far from the crowded area, it is a rare place where you can be relaxed and enjoy the scenery unusually as an observation deck.
Once you pay the entrance fee, you can use the telescope as much as you want for free, so you can look over Odaiba, as well as Yokohama and further places including Mt. Fuji.
Because there are few tall buildings around, you can feel at ease with the scenery of the large-scale panorama even in the daytime as well as the brilliant night view.

Route Map for This Course

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