Recommended Courses Odaiba Panoramic Course - Odaiba sightseeing to enjoy on the land and at the sea -

How about Odaiba to enjoy from amphibious buses?
We will introduce a recommended riding course suitable for early summer from "SKYBUS TOKYO" offered by "SKY Duck".

Departure time
Adults ¥3,500 Children ¥1,700
Time required
About 50 minutes
Operating date
On Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

① Tokyo Teleport Station

The meeting place for "Odaiba Panoramic Course" is in the rotary in front of "Tokyo Teleport Station". Please check details and make sure it is correct.
The meeting place in front of "Tokyo Teleport Station" has a tourist information and the landing, so it is good to take a rest at the cafe space if you arrive early.

You move by "SKY Duck"

② Odaiba Marine Park

When you leave "Tokyo Teleport Station", you will go to Tokyo Bay through "Odaiba Marine Park".
"SKY Duck" will finally goes downinto Tokyo Bay looking at "the Statue of Liberty" sideways.

Water entry

It is the real pleasure of amphibious going down into "the water".
From the coast of "Odaiba Marine Park"
The moment you get splashed and go drown into the water is like an amusement park attraction.

③ Rainbow Bridge

The lovely Tokyo Bay cruise is back through under the "Rainbow Bridge".
There is a legend that if you pray directly under "Rainbow Bridge", your wish will come true, and so please do not forget to say your prayers when you pass under it.


After passing through "Rainbow Bridge", you will return to the departure point "Tokyo Teleport Station", and your way back home.
How did you find "Odaiba Panoramic Course" introducing Odaiba from both from the land and the sea? If you are interested in it, please make an online reservation from the link "SKY Duck" below.

Route Map for This Course

  • MAP(PDF)
  • 臨海副都心エリアのメタTourismマップ
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
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