Recommended Courses Cherry Blossom Viewing Course - Experience a slightly different Odaiba cherry blossom viewing -

Odaiba area has a strong image of landmarks, but there are many parks and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at different spots.

① Odaiba Marine Park

The Odaiba Marine Park is where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom with the "Rainbow Bridge" in the background.
Since it is close to commercial facilities such as Yurikamome station and "AQUA CITY ODAIBA" and "DECKS Tokyo Beach", access is convenient.
You can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms while relaxing in the park, and you can also enjoy the meal while watching cherry blossoms from restaurants in commercial facilities.

It is 12 minutes on foot

② Symbol Promenade Park

From mid-March to mid-April, 200000 tulips bloom in three places in "Symbol Promenade Park".
In "Symbol Promenade Park" the cherry blossoms bloom every year, so you can also enjoy tulips while enjoying cherry blossoms.

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