Recommended Courses Odaiba Expert Course for Adults - Suggestions for a Richer Trip -

Odaiba is not a town that is only for young people. We will introduce a better course, from transportation to meals, for enjoying the seaside area for dating and married couples who have money and time to spare.

① Cruise Ship

The beginning of the trip is luxurious, as you will be going to Odaiba by cruise ship from Asakusa or Hamarikyu.
You can gaze at Tokyo Bay from the ship in a leisurely manner while enjoying the sea breeze.
There are many ships available, from the traditional Japanese-style boat, up to the relaxing cruise ship and the ship with a modern design like SF. With a view that is different from the usual, you might just find yourself getting more excited.

It is 5 minutes on foot


The shopping center with the "Tokyo Resort" theme is a large-scale mall where everything from movie theaters to shopping and food is available.
Among all of its features, the United Cinema is recommended. In this theater, you will get to experience a powerful movie with the latest technologies, such as ScreenX with 270° screen projection, and 4DX with moving seats.
You can have an experience that you cannot have in other theaters, so if there is a movie you want to see, please try to watch it in Odaiba.

It is 6 minutes on foot

③ Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

"Hilton Tokyo Odaiba" is located at the waterfront of Tokyo Bay. At the restaurant in the lobby called Seascape, the dazzling light penetrates in the daytime and after sunset, you will be drawn by the panoramic view of the sparkling night scene of Tokyo. The terrace seats are also open from spring to autumn.
You can enjoy various buffets corresponding to the season and time of day.
Please relax in a luxury hotel to better enjoy Odaiba at night.

Route Map for This Course

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