Odaiba Marine Park

A beachfront park that can be enjoyed all year round

Odaiba Marine Park is a public park that stretches around the Tokyo Bay. The roughly 800m long artificial coastline of Odaiba Beach hosts a number of marine sports for visitors to enjoy, such as windsurfing.
The park also has a rocky beach area where you can enjoy fishing, gathering seashells, and more, all while enjoying the beautiful waterfront view.

Just nearby you can find shopping facilities such as【DECKS Tokyo Beach】and【AQUA CITY Odaiba】, as well as dining and amusement opportunities.

The finest nightlife spots in the city

While the view at Odaiba Marine Park is already beautiful during the day, the gorgeous rays of the setting sun in the evening elevate the sights even higher, making them a truly welcome sight for weary spirits.
At night, the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, the Giant Ferris Wheel, and more all light up to create one of the Tokyo Bay area’s most iconic nighttime sights.

The Statue of Liberty

One of Odaiba’s most noteable sightseeing spots is the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba Marine Park, a bronze replica of the original created to commemorate the ‘Year of France in Japan’.
In April of 1998 a Statue of Liberty from Paris was brought over to Odaiba Marine Park for a year, and this replica was created based on that statue.
The statue, which was installed back in December 2000, is approximately 11m tall excluding the pedestal, and weighs about 9 tons, which is 1/7th the size of New York’s statue.

◆ Cherry blossom viewing spots in Spring
Every spring the cherry blossoms come into full bloom. You can enjoy a day of cherry blossom viewing as you overlook the sea and the Rainbow Bridge.
Take a look at some of the cherry blossom viewing spots you can find on the coastal area, including Odaiba Marine Park.
Cherry blossom viewing course
General Information
  • Opening Hours
    Business hours: 24/7
  • Days Closed
    Closed days: Open year round
  • Website
  • Contact
    Odaiba Marine Park Management Office, Tokyo Port Terminal Co.
  • Contact (Phone)
    [Telephone]: 03-5531-0852 *Contact for filming inquiries: 03-5500-2455
  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      Odaiba Marine Park Station (3 minute walk) Daiba Station (3 minute walk)
    • Rinkai Line
      Tokyo Teleport Station (10 minute walk)

Places to See in the Area

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