Recommended Courses Active Course - A day to fully play at Odaiba -

On a weekend, many people would like to actively enjoy away from their daily lives, do not they?
We will introduce you a course where you can enjoy nature and play in Odaiba in a day.

① Higashi Yashio Greenway

There is a park with a comfortable sea breeze at the back of the place where it is famous for a drama called "Gulf police station".
The ship that is anchored is actually Japan's first Antarctic observation ship "Soya". In the ship, which has been active for about 40 years, is open to public for free. From the deck and the steering room, you can visit the back of such as the cooking room.
You will be able to get energy on the alert-orange hull which has been very active from the Antarctic observation of the ice to save lives in drift ice.

It is 14 minutes on foot

② Odaiba Marine Park

If you come along the sea, you may want to play with waves on the beach which is good too.
If it is Odaiba Marine Park, famous for its replica of "the Statue of Liberty", which is a sandy beach called "Odaiba Beach", you can readily enjoy on the beach all four seasons.
Please don not forget to bring a towel or handkerchief with you as you are easily tempted to get into the sea. Of course, you can relax just looking at the ocean on the lawn and the sand.
The scenery of dusk is beautiful, and its night view of rows of houses of "Rainbow Bridge" and the other side of the river are exceptional, so I recommend you to drop by again on your way home.

t is 4 minutes on foot


It is "TOKYO JOYPOLIS" where you can enjoy unusual space of cyber-blended digital and real.
It is a pleasure to have plenty of content of all indoor play such as a haunted house, an experience-type fortunetelling, a collaboration event you feel just like entering animation, and games to attractions using topical VR, as well as screaming machines.
If you buy an advance ticket sold at Tokyo Teleport Station, it will be better off, so please use it.

Route Map for This Course

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