Recommended Courses Night Illumination Course - A night in Odaiba that is just like in a drama series -

It is a place where there are many opportunities to enjoy romantic outings, such as after-hours date or at the end of a date on a holiday.
We will introduce a course that goes around the illumination displays that you can only find in Odaiba.

① Rainbow Bridge
(Odaiba Marine Park)

If you want to see the night view in Odaiba, then you must go and leisurely enjoy "Rainbow Bridge".
It need not be said that it is beautiful when you cross the bridge by car, but there is a well-kept secret place that is unique to Odaiba. "Odaiba Marine Park" that is near Tokyo Teleport Station is a perfect spot where you can take a walk at the water's edge of the beach while looking at the night view.
While feeling the sea breeze, the nightscape at the waterfront is exceptional.

It is 5 minutes on foot

② DECKS Tokyo Beach

On the DECKS Tokyo Beach 3F Seaside Deck, you can enjoy various illuminations centered on the art spot ODAIBA.
Also, in the background, you can see the night view of Tokyo Bay such as Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Sky Tree, which is an outstanding location!
Don't miss the fantastic illumination and night view!

It is 12 minutes on foot & train

③ Telecom Center Observatory

The corridor-style observatory on the 21st floor of the Telecom Center Building has been certified as a Japanese night view heritage, and you can enjoy the night view of the bay area, including Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge.
It's far from the crowded area, so it's a little-known night view spot for those in the know!
Tables and chairs are placed in the spacious observation space, so you can relax slowly.

Route Map for This Course

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