Science and the future to learn at Waterfront City

Learn & Experience Course (State-of-the-Art Science)

In the area of Waterfront City, there are many facilities where your child can have experiences that will be useful for their future.
From among them, we will introduce a course that takes a tour of the facilities where you can experience cutting-edge science and technology.

6 hours

model course

(Ariake Sta.)

Rinkai Line
(Kokusai-tenjijo Sta.)

Panasonic Center Tokyo

(Ariake Sta.)(Aomi Sta.)

teamLab Borderless

(Aomi Sta.)(Telecom Center Sta.)


There is a museum that gives form to inspiration through the experiences of watching, creating, and communicating

Panasonic Center Tokyo

Gadgets that stimulate creativity

AkeruE is a museum that gives form to 'inspiration'.
Nurturing children's creativity through the experiences of watching, creating and communicating.
You can experience seeing works of art that combine science and technology with art, and create videos from your own ideas and creativity.

'One world without boundaries'
created by digital art

teamLab Borderless

Let's experience digital art

You can enjoy hands-on digital art under the theme of 'art without boundaries' with teamLab Borderless.
The work evolves according to the season etc., so you can enjoy it no matter how many times you go.
The space that changes from moment to moment according to the existence and movement of people, and which has an influence together with the surrounding works, is only for that moment.
Enjoy this once in a lifetime world created by digital art.

From the familiar question of 'why?' to cutting-edge science!!
Don't miss the special and themed exhibitions!


Experience the future

Miraikan that connects advanced science and technology with society.
You can experience the neutrino research results that bring us closer to the mysteries of the universe, stem cell research that began with iPS cells, and the world's most advanced humanoid android.
In addition, special exhibitions, workshops, talk sessions etc., will be held so that you can experience the latest science and technology.

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