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(State-of-the-Art Science)
- Science and future to get to know in the coastal area -

If you go out with your children, you would like not only to play but experience something useful in the future. We will introduce you courses to tour round the facilities that allow you to touch the latest science.

① RiSuPia

First, let's experience the museum "RiSuPia" themed for the foundation of science, science and mathematics (arithmetic) The facilities that you can be friendly with numbers with attraction sense such as puzzles, games and experimental equipments certainly stimulate intellectual curiosity of your children (partly charged).
It is popular as children from 3 years old to elementary school and even adults can enjoy.
Since it is in "Panasonic Center TOKYO", you can touch futuristic furniture and home appliances.

It takes 16 minutes by Yurikamome

② Miraikan

"Miraikan", where Mamoru Mouri, who is known as an astronaut, works for the curator is a futuristic facility a little off from the image of a science museum.
There is no doubt that both adults and children will be thrilled with the permanently exhibited theme about "Explore the world. Create the future. Connect with the Earth." with the latest science and technology with a big vision such as space life, and information.

It takes 14 minutes on foot

③ teamLab Borderless Tokyo

The scene where the latest science is actually used is difficult to realize.
At the end of your outing, how about experiencing the latest science of "teamLab Borderless Tokyo" applied science? It seems to be for adults but there are many arts that children can enjoy and that we focus on educational programs such as an athletic and painted fish start moving zones.
As there are cases tickets on the day are sold out, it is safe to purchase them online.

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