• Yurikamome「Odaiba-kaihinkoen」Sta., Yurikamome「Daiba」Sta., Rinkai Line「Tokyo Teleport」Sta.
  • Daiba area

The Odaiba Marine Park park is the park where you can enjoy sandy beach play and wind surfing while surrounded by cove and sandy beach and rocky shore.
You can have a fun time regardless of four seasons, and especially the twilight (Sunset) and night scenery seen from the Odaiba Marine Park are very graceful and beautiful, healing the hearts of everyone.
The scenery of the opposite shore that you can see through the harbor and the Rainbow Bridge, and the beauty of the sinking sun are exceptional.

Set in the park, Odaiba tourist attraction, replicas of the Statue of Liberty is a bronze replica statue commemorating “French Year in Japan”.
It was built from the replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, which had been in the Odaiba Marine Park city for about one year since April 1998.
The height of the statue is about 11 m, excluding the pedestal, and weighs about 9 tons, and was installed in December 2000.

General Information
  • Opening Hours
    24 Hours
  • Days Closed
    Open all year round
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    (Contact information regarding photo shooting 03-5500-2455)
  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station
      3 minutes on foot
      Daiba Station
      3 minutes on foot
    • Rinkai Line
      Tokyo Teleport Station
      10 minutes on foot

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