World’s first immersive theme park, a fully immersive experience that goes beyond a typical theme park, set to open March 1, 2024

This new theme park offers a fully immersive experience unlike any other theme park.
Visitors can experience dramatic events that we only see in the world of movies, anime or games, not as an observer, but as a protagonist.
This series of dramatic moments, not shared with anyone around you, but unique to you, creates endless thrills and excitement that burst from the depths of your heart.
A day spent here is not just a day out of the ordinary.
It is a dramatic day that will totally change your life.

Full of unprecedented immersive attractions

IMMERSIVE FORT TOKYO is one of Japan’s largest all-weather, entirely indoor theme parks (approximately 30,000 m2), with enough immersive entertainment to fill an entire day—ten attractions plus six shops and restaurants. While the stunning European scenery captures your attention the moment you step inside, other dark and mysterious areas have been created to match the themes of each attraction. This experience provides a true sense of immersion, with visitors feeling as if they are characters in a story and part of the action.

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