• Yurikamome「Odaiba-kaihinkoen」Sta., Yurikamome「Aomi」Sta., Rinkai Line「Tokyo Teleport」Sta.
  • Aomi area

A new story to connect the waterfront subcenter city with art.

The waterfront subcenter city with more than 55 million people to visit every year.
A multifunctional “town” consisting of such as beautiful waterfront landscapes, open spaces rich in greenery, commercial facilities, businesses, exhibition halls and parks provides people with an enriching life and comfort, and creates a new cityscape.

Here, is where an even more attractive new “Project” begins.
People with people. place to place. And people and places are leading to connect to potential various art.
The encounter between the art and the waterfront subcenter city creates a new sensation never existed before.
It is aiming to become a “town”, growing every day with some surprises and discoveries, and becoming to feel happy, at each visit.


t is an architecture having “nature” only to be found in this place.
A fresh sea breeze passes through the gap in the wall,
a soft light comes from the ceiling,
rain fallen on the roof soaks into the soil,
Plants native to this area grow in the soil.

We created eight different environmental rooms for people and plants.

We think, facing the “nature” of this place created in the sea by a man,
when the city is given colors like a white canvas,
a new value will be created in this town.



A cafe produced by HIsashi Yoshida who manages Daikanyama’s cafe “Private Coffee Elementary School”, will open in the pavilion for a limited time.

The concept is “Art & Coffee”.
By combining art and coffee,
it creates a place to make various people and things to meet who have never met before.
Over coffee, it creates conversations and new connections,
from there, new ideas come in.
It is a program for you not just looking at, but to be able to experience ways to enjoy new art.


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  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      Aomi Station
      3 minutes on foot  Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station
      7 minutes on foot
    • Rinkai Line
      "Tokyo Teleport" Station
      1 minutes on foot

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