Shiokaze Park

  • Yurikamome「Daiba」Sta., Yurikamome「Tokyo International Cruise Terminal」Sta., Rinkai Line「Tokyo Teleport」Sta.
  • Daiba area

Shiokaze Park is a seaside park adjacent to Odaiba Seaside Park.
Divided into south and north areas, the park’s largest circular square “Sun Square” in the north area is widely used for events and picnics. There is also a barbecue area in the north area where you can enjoy barbecue in the nature surrounded by greenery.
In the main long way connecting the South Central Exit and the Fountain Square, “Water and Green Promenade” in the south area, Washington palms, like sandwiching a refreshing stream of water, create an exotic atmosphere.
The landscape extending in a straight line has a magnificent sense of scale and often being used as a location for dramas.

General Information
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  • Contact (Phone)
    03-5500-0385 (Inquiry about shooting 03-5500-2455)
  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      "Daiba" Station 5 minutes on foot /"Tokyo International Cruise Terminal" Station 5 minutes on foot
    • Rinkai Line
      "Tokyo Teleport" Station 12 minutes on foot

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