Tokyo Nordic Walk Fest 2024 in Odaiba <Shiokaze Park>

  • 2024-05-26 ~ 2024-05-26
  • Aomi area

Experience the trendy Nordic Walk in Odaiba, Waterfront City.

Nordic walking, which uses two poles, is a full-body exercise that utilizes 90% of the body's muscles by providing three-point support and four-legged walking during movement.
This exercise is not only popular in Japan but also gaining popularity worldwide due to its convenience and high effectiveness in providing a full-body workout.

We will be hosting the Japan Nordic Walk Premier League certified event, where both beginners and veteran walkers can participate.

◆Event Outline

◎Event Date

Sunday, May 26, 2024 *The event will be held rain or shine, but may be canceled in case of severe weather.
Please come to the Nordic Walk reception (held twice a day) for registration.
  • Morning Session: Starts at 10:00 am
    Registration 9:00 am
    Departure Ceremony Scheduled for 9:30 am
  • Afternoon Session: Starts at 13:15 pm
    Registration 12:15 pm Departure Ceremony Scheduled for 12:45 pm
*Pre-registration starts: March 1, 2024
*Pre-registration deadline: April 30, 2024

◎Entry fee (Nordic Walk)

  • Pre-registration
    Adults and high school students ¥2,000 / Junior high school students and below ¥500
  • On-the-day registration
    Adults and high school students ¥2,500 / Junior high school students and below ¥500
  • Rental poles (pre-registration and on-the-day)
    ¥500 for each session (morning and afternoon)

◎Courses (Shiokaze Park, Odaiba Seaside Park, Daiba Park)

1) 1km Lesson included
2) 1km Lesson included (Universal)
3) 3km
4) 5km

Event Information
  • Period
    2024-05-26 ~ 2024-05-26
  • Location
    Shiokaze Park
  • Website
  • Contact
    Tokyo Nordic Walk Fest Executive Committee
  • Contact (Phone)
  • Contact (E-mail)

Places to See in the Area

  • MAP(PDF)
  • 臨海副都心エリアのメタTourismマップ
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
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