The first Tokyo Bayside Two-day March<Central Plaza(Promenade Park)>

  • 2022-10-22 ~ 2022-10-23
  • Aomi area

Walking in the bayside districts such as Odaiba and the Tokyo Bay area. A new style of walking event will be held.
In the highly international bay area, there will continue to be events related to the development of "health, tourism, and commerce".

Event Outline

  • Event Date
    October 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun), 2022 *Rain or shine
  • Venue
    Central Plaza(Promenade Park)
  • Details and applications:

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

  • MAP(PDF)
  • 臨海副都心エリアのメタTourismマップ
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
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