The 18th Dream Yosakoi Festival November 1st (Fri) – 3rd (Sun) <8 venues including the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba>

  • 2019-11-01 ~ 2019-11-03
  • Daiba area

The 18th Dream Yosakoi Festival The 18th "Dream Yosakoi Festival" is the festival with the largest scale and quality in Tokyo.
The festival will be held at 8 venues, mainly in Odaiba (Tokyo Waterfront City), with 6,000 dancers and 950,000 potential spectators this year, too.

Based on the concept of "SDGs: Toward a Sustainable Tokyo Festival Challenging Social Problems" this year, we will work to raise awareness of "SDGs" such as the Orange Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse and the Animal Welfare Campaign. We will not only create prosperity in the local community but also address pressing social issues.
We aim to create a festival that is appropriate for Tokyo's face and contributes to a sustainable society.

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Event Information
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    2019-11-01 ~ 2019-11-03
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    Dream Yosakoi Festival Global Promotion Foundation
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