Your shopping will lead to support for measures against COVID-19! “Support Bag/Support Menu Plan” campaign

  • 2020-08-08 ~ 2020-08-31
  • Aomi area

VenusFort will run a "Support Bag/Support Menu Plan" campaign from Saturday, August 8 to Monday, August 31 at 25 stores inside the building. We will sell a limited number of items in a package like a lucky bag, and selling a set of recommended food items.

In this campaign, customers who purchased the Support Bag/Support Menu Plan at the target stores will be offered an exchange ticket for a shopping coupon.

If you bring this ticket to the general information desk on the 2nd floor, you will receive a 300 yen worth of shopping coupon in exchange for the ticket.

Also, in order to support the activities by the Japanese Red Cross Society centered on medical services, such as measures against the COVID-19, VenusFort will donate 100 yen worth of money per exchange ticket to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Event Information

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