• 2021-12-11 ~ 2021-12-12
  • Daiba area

"TOKYO RESORT SPORTS BASE will hold splash beo highly in bicycle motocross X SKATEBOARD" The RIDE Odaiba.
It is urbane, and, in the roof of opening-like Odaiba area, Urban sports that attracted attention by achievement of Japanese player of this summer will hold event to be able to enjoy. You can experience bicycle motocross and skateboarding while receiving lecture by player of the active top orchid car and offer performance show of bicycle motocross free-style, experience fair by professional dancer and can enjoy Urban sports casually.

◆Outline of the event

  • Period
    Saturday, December 11, 2021, Sunday, December 12
    11:00-17:30 ※Rain out
  • Holding place
    AQUA CiTY ODAIBA roof special event space
  • Participation rate
    500 yen/one 
    ※We present novelty to person who had you participate!
  • Held contents
    (1)Bicycle motocross, skateboarding experience meeting
    ※Experience-based meeting prior application system
    (2)Performance show of bicycle motocross free-style
    ※Viewing prior application system
    (3)Dance experience meeting
    Dance experience that even child who has not done it regardless of beginner, experienced person by professional dancer at all can enjoy.
    Dancer who is experienced by simple rhythm play using body made even as for the beginner and basic step We can learn from anyone happily by instructing clearly.

▶︎For advance reservations and instructor details check the Official event page

Event Information

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