Science Agora 2022<Telecom Center Building>

  • 2022-11-04 ~ 2022-11-06
  • Aomi area

Science Agora, one of the largest open forums in Japan that connect society to science, returns to Odaiba!
This year's theme is, "We shall mix them, go beyond them, and create something." Please expect to work hard at "mixing" diverse viewpoints, "going beyond" concepts like value systems and assumptions, and "creating" a vision of the future.
The venue will be a gathering of over 100 programs that anyone can attend. For example, there will be sessions that take up a wide range of topics related to science, such as SDGs、AI, brain science, the latest medical treatments, and STEAM. There will also be workshops where you can experience activities like scientific experiments and programming. Have face-to-face talks with researchers and experts at the forefront of their fields and share your vision of a future society with everyone.

◆Event Outline

◎Event Date

November 4th (Friday) to 6th (Sunday), 2022

◎Event Times

10:00~18:00(On opening day, the venue will open at noon.)


Telecom Center Building

◎Entry fee

free(There are plans to charge a portion of actual expenses, such as for the cost of materials.)


Japan Science and Technology Agency

※Concerning attendance, please register beforehand on the Science Agora 2022 website.

Event Information

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  • レインボー花火2022
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