[Open call for participants] Odaiba Beach Volleyball

  • 2022-04-09 ~ 2022-12-11
  • Daiba area

© Association for Beach Life Japan (NPO)

What is Odaiba Beach Volleyball:

A beach volleyball tournament, open to public participation, to be held from April to December, at Odaiba Beach at Odaiba Seaside Park.
This is a tournament that is open to anyone who wants to join, set against the scenic backdrop of the Rainbow Bridge.

★Event overview

  • Tournament dates
    2022, April 9th (Saturday), 10th (Sunday), 16th (Saturday), 17th (Sunday)
    May 21st (Saturday), 22nd (Sunday), 28th (Saturday), 29th (Sunday)
    June 12th (Sunday), 18th (Saturday), 25th (Saturday), 26th (Sunday)
    July 9th (Saturday), 10th (Sunday), 23rd (Saturday), 24th (Sunday)
    August 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), 27th (Saturday), 28th (Sunday)
    September 3rd (Saturday), 11th (Sunday), 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday)
    October 15th (Saturday), 16th (Sunday), 22nd (Saturday), 23rd (Sunday)
    November 19th (Saturday), 20th (Sunday), 26th (Saturday), 27th (Sunday)
    December 3rd (Saturday), 4th (Sunday), 10th (Saturday), 11th (Sunday)
    Total: 36 dates
  • Venue
    Odaiba Beach at Odaiba Seaside Park (Minato Ward, Tokyo)
  • Entry fee
    • 2-vs-2: ¥3,000 per team (includes accident insurance)
    • 4-vs-4: ¥6,000 per team (includes accident insurance)
  • Entry method
    Pre-registration via the official website
  • Competition format
    General participation format beach volleyball tournament consisting of 2-vs-2 mixed and 4-vs-4 mixed matches
  • Eligible participants
    All members of the general public (high school age or older)
  • Competition rules
    Rally scoring based on local rules
  • Awards
    Champion to third-place teams will receive awards
  • Host
    Association for Beach Life Japan (NPO)
  • Sponsorships
    (currently available)
  • Support
    (pending application) Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Waterfront City Association,
    Tokyo Rinkai Fukutoshin Group (Tokyo Rinkai Holdings, Inc.), Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation,
    Tokyo Teleport Centre, Inc., Japan Beach Volleyball Federation,
    Tokyo Beach Volleyball Federation

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

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