“731 Beach Day” Message Art Exhibition 2019 – Let’s Love Everyone’s Beach and Sea <Symbol Promenade Park>

  • 2019-07-30 ~ 2019-07-31
  • Daiba area

While our association has been working on the activities to make Japan's seaside a recreation area throughout a year by promoting beach sports etc., we established July 31st as the "Beach Day (Good Wave Day)" wishing that people would love beaches more (Between "Marine Day" (3rd Monday in July) and "Mountain Day" (August 11th)).

For this "Beach Day", we will hold the annual event,
"'731 Beach Day' Message Art Exhibition 2019 -
Let's Love Everyone's Beach and Sea".

In this event, we will print the illustrations and photos on the theme of "Beach and Sea" applied from the public on white T-shirts and exhibit them. And we ask the visitors who looked at them to vote for their favorite works and we will determine each award.

In addition, we plan "Night Beach Life" which make the best of the beach in the night so that more visitors would be healed in Odaiba and would enjoy themselves.

*Memories on the Sea and Beach
*"I wish there was such a beach."; the concept of ideal beach
*The food you want to eat on the beach, the delicious food you ate so far
*Creatures living in the sea and beach

*Application Fee
*3,000 yen per piece

*Message Art Grand Prix... 1 item, 10,000 yen
Judge / Visitors (1 item for the most voted works)

*"Beach Day" Award... 2 items, 5,000 yen for each
Judge / The chairman of NPO Japan Beach Culture Promotion Association

*Hirahira Award... 3 items, 2,000 yen for each
Judge / Visitors (3 most voted works following the work of the Grand Prix)

July 30th (Tue) and 31st (Wed), 2019, from 12:00 to 21:00
Venue: Symbol Promenade Park Odaiba Deck
(West Promenade in Odaiba, Minato Ward and in the side of Daiba Station of Yurikamome)

Association for Beach Life Japan

Event Information

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