Latin Festival 2021 in Odaiba Tokyo (Deck in front of Daiba Station)

  • 2021-05-01 ~ 2021-05-04
  • Aomi area

In 2000, the Japan Latin American Cultural Exchange Association held "Fiesta Mexicana in Odaiba Tokyo" featuring Mexico, the closest Latin American country from Japan. It has been held annually for 20 years now.

On the main stage, groups from around the Kanto area will give performances such as songs, music, and gorgeous folk dances.
There will also be tents where you can buy Latin American food, folk crafts, and local specialties. They will liven up the event.

For children, there will be programs such as the fun Mexican game "piñata cracking" and workshops.
This is a great event for families and friends of all ages to enjoy.

■Organizers: Latin Festival Executive Committee / Japan Latin American Cultural Exchange Association
■Co-hosted by: Tokyo Waterfront City Association
■Supported by: Embassy of the United Mexican States, Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo ■Metropolitan Bureau of Port and Harbor, National Folk Dance Federation of Japan, and others
■Sponsored by: Onjuku Town, Onjuku Town International Exchange Association, and many others

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