Personal exhibition of Zhang Haijun “Femme Fatale”<Shun Art Gallery Tokyo>

  • 2020-09-05 ~ 2020-10-18
  • Daiba area

Shun Art Gallery TokyoThe 3rd exhibition will simultaneously hold 2 of Japan's first solo exhibitions of artists Zhang Haijun (Jang Haijun) and Yu Ai Gun (Yu Ai-jun) who live in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Mr. Zhang Hai-kun (Jang Haijun) hadd a master's degree in oil painting at Lu Xun Art Academy in Shenyang, and is currently teaching at Lu Xun Art Academy.
Zhang is an imaginative artist with a high level of technical skills, and expresses a graceful and flowing rhythmical world view in his works of beautiful colors.
Since 2006, he has participated in many contemporary art exhibitions, including Art Basel Miami, and his works are kept in museums, organizations and individuals around the world.

This personal exhibition focuses on large works that have just arrived from Shenyang, and it performs a colorful and fantastic exhibition space. This is the first personal exhibition in Japan, so please take this opportunity to see the works.

Period: From 5 September to 18 October in 2020
Venue: On the third floor, in Clinic Mall, 2 - 2 - 4, Daiba Minato-ku

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