Maywa Denki Nonsense Factory<ARTBAY TOKYO>

  • 2020-09-19 ~ 2020-09-27
  • Daiba area

Maywa Denki Nonsense Factory processes your brain into a "Nonsense (supercommon sense)".

"Maywa Denki Nonsense Factory" is reproduced "Maywa Denki Factory", which is the core of creative activities of Maywa Electric.
During the exhibition, President of Maywa Denki comes to work, in the morning, he draws up an idea sketch at the "ARTBAY CAFE" in the hall, assembles a nonsense machine in the afternoon, and plays an electric musical instrument in the evening.
At the "Sound Garden" where unique instruments are placed, visitors can play freely by pressing the switch, and at the Maywa Denki Shop, which is also located, toys and goods, including local productions, are sold.

In this exhibition, by showing the whole process called "conceive, make, show, sell" of Maywa Denki. in real time, visitors can feel "incomprehensible" called "What on earth is this?
" in their heads, then, they can see the process of creating an idea sketch and a nonsense machine, and feel "That's it!" by touching the nonsense machine, and process the brains of visitors into "Nonsense (supercommon sense)".
We hope you enjoy it.
Date: From Saturday, September 19, 2020 to Sunday, September 27
Time: 11: 00 - 19: 00 (Last Entry 18:30)
Admission: Free admission
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Information in the hall
[Maywa Denki, Odaiba On-Site Workshop]
The president of Maywa Denki will stay and publicly produce Savao and bow fish. He sometimes plays electric instruments.
You can watch the work on YouTube.

[Sound Garden]
You can play unique instruments of Maywa Denki. It sometimes plays automatically.

[Maywa Denki Shop]
We will sell "Cute & Mechanics" toys and goods developed by Maywa Denki as well as productions at "Odaiba On-Site Workshop".

To All Visitors
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.
*We will measure the temperature of all visitors. Please wear a mask, wash your hands and disinfect your hands. Also, please refrain from coming as a group.
*Please note that admission may be restricted when it is crowded.

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