Daiba Park

  • Yurikamome「Odaiba-kaihinkoen」Sta.
  • Daiba area

Odaiba Park is a park which was opened in 1928 to allow the public people to use the ruin of daiba (the gun battery) made by the Edo Shogunate after the arrival of “Perry” in the Edo period. In the park, there are the ruins of jin-ya (regional government office) where you can feel the atmosphere of those years, powder magazine and a replica of a gun battery etc. So you can feel the atmosphere of the Edo period and see “Rainbow Bridge” closely.
Also, in spring, 10m-height “Oshima-zakura” which Japan Tree Doctors Association selected for very healthy tree will be in full bloom and the guests enjoy it.

*Spots where you can learn the history of “Daiba Park”*
[The waiting area of “Odaiba Marine Park” for the maritime bus]
A history panel is exhibited where you can learn about the history of Daiba. The panel is also the pamphlet as well, so you can take it out home.
[“Fuji TV” Headquarters Office Building 24F Corridor]
We are holding “TIME TRIP VIEW”, where you can see high-resolution CG panorama photos of Edo period which were carefully and precisely restored from a lot of drawings and documents while comparing one by one and current scenery alternately, which was completed under the “FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK, INC.” project to replace the scenery of Tokyo Bay seen from the “Fuji TV” spherical observatory with the one of Edo period.

*Since Odaiba Park is a historic site, only the staircase in front of the park is the entrance. Please note that.

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