• Yurikamome「Aomi」Sta., Rinkai Line「Tokyo Teleport」Sta.
  • Aomi area

~ The first hybrid shopping mall in Japan, VenusFort ~

Odaiba Area is alway enjoying constant limelight with support of a wide range of age groups as a downtown amusement area. “Venus Fort” was opened in August 1999 as a theme park type enclosed dome dome (indoor mold) in Odaiba in August 1999.

Among the three-story facilities, on the second and third floors of the two-story stairwells are there are shops such as fashion, jewelry, accessories, sundry goods, and restaurants in the fascinating townscape of like southern France and northern Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. Also on the third floor there are outlet shops featuring domestic and overseas brands.

On the first floor area, you can enjoy shopping and dining at various categorical shops throughout the facility with a variety of rich shops and restaurants such as a comprehensive pet store enjoyed with pets, indoor type amusement facilities, total home coordination shop of general home appliances and dwelling, and shops for fashionable kids and babies lined side by side.
Besides shopping, you can also enjoy decorations and events that change every season throughout the facility.

◆There are about 140 shops and about 30 restaurants
格之進ハンバーグ / GRILL & BAR うしすけ / 湘南パンケーキ / 仙台牛たんと伊達ごはん だてなり屋 / 春水堂 / 築地魚河岸 鮪どんや / 博多ラーメン 鉄馬 / 北海道海鮮市場寿司 とっぴ~ / まめもの / 産直鮮魚 魚米屋 / ア ル ロイック / あぶりどりの親子丼 丼米 / イルフォルノ / インドカリーダイニング コバラヘッタ / 元祖 発祥 大阪伝統の味 ぼてぢゅう本店 ODAIBA / グリーン アジア トウキョウ / コバラヘッタ / スターバックス コーヒー(2F) / スターバックスコーヒー(1F) / ステーキ&カフェ by ディキシーダイナー / タントタント / 焼肉トラジ / 新潟農家直送米 黄金めし / ピンクベリー / 紅虎餃子房 / ポルトフィーノ / 麺屋空海 / モミアンドトイズ / ルビーカフェ / ロッテリア

General Information
  • Opening Hours
    Open: From 11: 00 to 21: 00

    Open: From 11: 00 to 23: 00
    (Last order : At 22:00) * Excluding some shops
  • Days Closed
    Irregular holiday
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  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      Aomi Station
    • Rinkai Line
      Tokyo Teleport Station
      3 minutes on foot

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