Sona Area Barbecue Garden

  • Yurikamome「Ariake」Sta., Rinkai Line「Kokusai-tenjijo」Sta.
  • Ariake south area

A very valuable barbecue area opens at The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park located at a 2 minutes walking distance from Ariake Station on the Yurikamome Line. Admission is only 1,030 yen for an adult and 520 yen for a child (elementary school student), including a table, chair and cooking stove set available for rental. Reserving an ingredient set in advance allows you to fully enjoy time after barbecue empty-handed!
You may either learn while playing at the adjoining disaster prevention experiencing and learning facilities or go on to Odaiba. Fully enjoy the barbecue uniquely in the Metropolitan area!
A low-priced school plan is also available. We are looking forward to serving those concerned with schools.

Make reservation by phone (0570-01-5381) or on the website(

General Information
  • Opening Hours
    -Part 1 service available only from December to February
    11:00~15:00 (4 hours)
    -Part 1 and 2 service available from March to November
    Part 1 9:30~12:30 (3 hours)
    Part 2 13:30~16:30 (3 hours)
  • Days Closed
    Monday, New Year's holidays, and temporary closed days of The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park *However, if Monday is a national holiday, we will be closed on the following day, Tuesday. *If the park is used for disaster prevention activities, we will be closed, out of service.
  • Website
  • Contact
  • Contact (Phone)
  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      Ariake Station 2 minutes on foot
    • Rinkai Line
      Kokusai-tenjijo Station 4 minutes on foot

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