Odaiba Lantern Festival 2023 —Enjoying the Seasons of Japan—<Odaiba Marine Park>

  • 2023-07-16 ~ 2023-07-17
  • Daiba area

Paper Lantern Event at Odaiba Beach

Since 2004, the Sea Day Lantern Festival has been a cherished tradition, with candles lit in colorful paper lanterns to pray for safety at sea, creating a magical light display at Odaiba Beach.
However, the festival was halted after its 15th iteration in 2018, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, with the pandemic beginning to wind down, the event was held on a smaller scale in 2022.

As the pandemic has come under control, the 2023 Lantern Festival is set to resume at Odaiba Beach. This year, the theme is Enjoying the Seasons of Japan, with paper lanterns creating illustrations on the beach.

◆Event Overview

  • Venue
    Odaiba Marine Park, Odaiba Beach
  • Date and Time
    July 16th, 2023 (Sunday) & 17th (Holiday)
    1:00 PM: Installation work of lanterns by volunteers and the executive committee
    6:30 PM: Lighting of paper lanterns
    ※Almost 10,000 paper lanterns will come together to create illustrations
  • Host
    Executive Committee for Odaiba Lantern Festival
  • Co-host
    Tokyo Waterfront City Association
  • Sponsors
    Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

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