A Tree-Planting and Lighting Ceremony in the ‘MISIA FOREST’ as a Commemorative Performance of TOKYO GARDEN THEATER <ARIAKE GARDEN>

  • 2021-11-03 ~ 2021-11-03
  • Ariake north area

In 2010, MISIA served as an honorary ambassador to COP10, the tenth parliament of signatory nations of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Through 'mudef' and in Ishikawa Prefecture, she carries out 'MISIA FOREST' PROJECT with children. The project aims to grow abundant forests. She works hard at activities like these that raise public awareness of environmental problems and biological diversity.

To commemorate the performance of 『MISIA星空のライヴ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE』, we will engage in tree-planting.
MISIA FOREST will be a symbolic tree in 'ARIAKE GARDEN PARK', which is a symbol of ARIAKE GARDEN. By lighting up the forest with illumination during the winter season, we will fulfill our role of planting thoughts in your minds about the global environment.

◆ Outline of the event

  • Event Date
    November 3d (Wed.), 2021
  • Event Time
    5:00 P.M. - (to be determined) *Canceled due to rain.
  • Venue
  • For Inquiries
    ARIAKE GARDEN 0570-077-711

Event Information

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