Letter of challenge from QuizKnock! Demystification shopping (during free distribution in hall)<Diver City Tokyo Plaza>

  • 2022-04-08 ~ 2022-05-08
  • Daiba area

You who visited Odaiba to do shopping.
However, we heard mysterious voice to "be idle together!" out of nowhere when we entered DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.
It is said that she set mystery in various stores to please you in departed spirit of demystification to live in this hall somehow.
You solve all mysteries, and can we obtain secret item?

Quiz king, knowledge group "QuizKnock" and illustrator sakiyama from the Univ. of Tokyo led by Takuji Izawa where is young and spirited make collaboration
Demystification event "challenge-formed from QuizKnock! Do you not challenge demystification shopping?

At first, please obtain original "demystification kit" to distribute free in hall.
We will visit in place shown in map while enjoying illustration which is attractiveness of sakiyama.
Please enjoy unusual shopping experience in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza this spring.

◆Event Outline

  • Free distribution place
    In front of 1F Seven-eleven / 2F east atrium
  • Period
    2022/Friday, April 8 - 2022/Sunday, May 8
  • Participation time
    Weekdays from 11:00 to 20:00
    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 21:00
  • In addition, Instagram follow & campaign to click the like button on that QuizKnock and autographed poster of sakiyama are is held!
    Chance when QuizKnock and autographed poster of sakiyama consult DiverCity Tokyo Plaza formula Instagram when follow & has you click the like button!
    ▶︎ Follow to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (@divercitytokyo_plaza.official)
  • Application period
    2022/Friday, April 8 - 2022/Sunday, May 8
  • Participation condition
    It is present for five people from person who has you respond, and had clicking the like button in contribution of 2022/Friday, April 8 of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza formula Instagram by lot!
  • Prize
    Autographed poster of QuizKnock and sakiyama
    Please review our official website.

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

  • MAP(PDF)
  • Happy coupon
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
  • FREE Wifi