Matsuzaki Shigeru x Ariake Garden! Black Festival “Black 96 (Kuro) Campaign!” <Ariake Garden>

  • 2021-08-20 ~ 2021-09-06
  • Ariake north area

The Black Festival, held by Matsuzaki Shigeru on September 6th "Matsuzaki Shigeru Day" every year since 2015, will be held at the Tokyo Garden Theater this year!

Let's all "dye ourselves black" at the large-scale Black Festival that hijacks Ariake Garden!!

Event (Excerpt)
● Matsuzaki Shigeru will love it! Black & white food & drink fair!
○ Eat black & white food and go to the Black Festival!
● A must-see for Black Festival fans! Black Festival Original Coaster present!
○ 96 yen! 969 yen! 9,696 yen! Black Festival Special Price Products for sale now!
● Dye your body and mind black!? An overly-black bath "Kuroyu" is now available at Izumi Tenku no Yu!
○ With the Black Festival performance ticket, admission to Izumi Tenku no Yu is only 961 yen!
● "Taimeiken" Food Truck sales
○ Black Festival arena seats guaranteed! Performance ticket + accommodation plan with commemorative T-shirt included
● An overly-black "Black Room" is now available at Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo-Ariake!
○ Tickets for the Black Festival 2021 Black and White Singing Contest are now on sale!

Please see the official sites for details.
● Black Festival official site::
●Black Festival in Ariake Garden special site:

Event Information

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