HandMade In Japan Fes’ 2023<TOKYO BIGSIGHT>

  • 2023-07-22 ~ 2023-07-23
  • Ariake south area

◆What is HandMade In Japan Fes'?

HandMade In Japan Fes' is a creators' festival that brings together about 3,000 people involved in creative activities from all over Japan to exhibit and sell their original works.
Celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer, the festival will be held under the theme "BIG LOVE" and will also feature special projects.
The venue is divided into several areas, including a marketplace where talented creators exhibit and sell their original works such as accessories and interior items, a creator area where about 60 kinds of workshops will be gathered, a music and game area where you can enjoy live performances by 8 spotlight artists, and a food and café area where carefully selected handmade foods from various parts of Japan will be available. It's a place where you can enjoy unique encounters and experiences that can't be found anywhere else.

◆Event Overview

  • Name
    HandMade In Japan Fes’ 2023
  • Date
    July 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun), 2023
  • Time
  • Venue
    TOKYO BIGSIGHT West Halls 1-2
  • Official Website
  • Organizer
    「Creema(クリーマ)」 Japan's largest handmade marketplace
  • Supported by

◆Official Accounts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/handmadeinjapanfes/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hmj_fes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HandmadeInJapan

◆Ticket Purchase Methods

◎Lawson Ticket: [L-Code: 31647]


◎Seven Ticket: [Seven Code: 100-764]






Event Information

Places to See in the Area

  • MAP(PDF)
  • 臨海副都心エリアのメタTourismマップ
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
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