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Tokyo Big Sight is used as a base for creating innovation and business opportunities in a wide range of business scenes such as exhibitions, conferences and parties.
“Location with good access from the city center and airport” and “safe, secure and comfortable space” are attractive.
In pursuit of high-quality equipment and hospitality, we provide stages that lead to successful events.

The Biggest Convention Center in Japan

The total exhibition area is 115,420㎡, boasting the number one in Japan. About 300 events are held, and about 14 million visitors come from all over the world each year.
With 16 exhibition halls and 24 conference rooms, it is one of the leading convention centers corresponding to wide range of events.

Exhibition Hosting Business

◆JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair)
JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair) is one of Asia’s largest exhibitions and introduces state-of-the-art machine tools and related equipment earlier than any other exhibition in the industry. It is widely acclaimed as a large-scale show like EMO in Europe, IMTS in America, and CIMT in China. JIMTOF has a history of over fifty years since it was first held in Osaka in 1962.

◆RISCON TOKYO (Security & Safety Trade Expo )
The Security and Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO) is one of the largest comprehensive trade shows in Japan. It showcases the latest products, services and technologies in the risk management area across three exhibition zones: Disaster Risk Reduction, Security, and Risk Management Themes. RISCON TOKYO has held since 2005 as a forum for business negotiations that lead to business development, and a base for government administrative bodies and private organizations to disseminate information.

◆SEECAT (Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism)
Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) is a specialized exhibition for anti-terrorism products and services held annually in conjunction with the Security & Safety Trade Expo. The majority of visitors are public security professionals and specialists with expertise in Japan’s anti-terrorism measures. Business negotiations and information exchange are conducted at the exhibition.

◆FIRE-SAFETY TOKYO (Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition)
The Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition is held once every five years for the purpose of sharing lessons on disaster risks learned from past experience, increasing awareness about fire and disaster control in urban areas, and improving the ability of local entities to respond to emergencies. The exhibition brings together the latest fire-fighting and disaster prevention equipment and systems manufactured both in Japan and overseas to enhance cooperation among residents, companies, and local governments, and promote the development of related technologies and industries.

◆Tokyo Business Chance Expo
The theme of this exhibition is “fusion”, and it combines products and services from 11 fields related to the three exhibition zones: “proposals of reintroduction of the attraction of local areas and creating new value”, “proposals of safety and security in daily life”, and “ proposals of productivity enhancement and problem-solving solutions”.

Exhibition Operations Business

Tokyo Big Sight is entrusted with part of the operation of the show, which is organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. We will continue to apply our expertise in site administration and exhibition hosting to assist the organizers to operate the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW, and use the event to help revitalize the Tokyo waterfront subcenter and contribute to the development of the national economy.

JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair)

RISCON TOKYO (Security & Safety Trade Expo )

SEECAT (Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism)

FIRE-SAFETY TOKYO (Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition)

Tokyo Business Chance Expo


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