Would you like to play gacha in Odaiba? 7m!n (seven minute) and collaboration plan start!<Diver City Tokyo Plaza>

  • 2022-10-07 ~ 2022-11-06
  • Daiba area

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza collaborates with idol group 7m!n to hold "Would you like to play gacha in Odaiba?"

In hall, "Odaiba gacha" where luxurious prize including shopping ticket 100,000 yen share of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza hits is appearance for a limited time!
In addition, special video introduces recommended date plan of 7m!n member.

◆Let's enliven Odaiba date in ... gacha! ...

◎We establish gacha corner where luxurious premium hits in hall

In 4F in hall, gacha which can participate for 300 yen (tax-included) comes up once.
Chance when Passport pair complimentary tickets hit on attractions one day on shopping ticket and sequence accommodation coupon (Shibuya, Suidobashi, Kyoto Gojo) for up to 100,000 yen, Tokyo Dome City one day!
※List of premiums is this.
※Odaiba gacha is finished as soon as it disappears of period.

◆Let's date in ... 7m!n and DiverCity Tokyo Plaza! ...

◎We released DiverCity Tokyo Plaza date video of 7m!n member

Special video introduces state that 7m!n member experienced recommended date plan. A part of the video is facility formula Instagram, and the whole book will be released by limitation in hall. As for the fan who can enjoy special video and member POP with signature when member goes round visited stores, it is actually must-see contents. Of others, member as record, and plan broadcast in grated hall or MV broadcast with signage in hall, in fun!

◎Postcard present of 7m!n member

During period, we present postcard of 7m!n member solo in random about one piece of purchase receipt 3,000 yen (tax-included) or more at target store in hall. Postcard is in a limited quantity, and with handwriting signature is mixed, too.
The place of delivery: We will guide later in this page.
※Postcard is finished as soon as it disappears of period. ※Type of postcard cannot be chosen.
※Purchase receipt is impossible of adding up, and thing of the day is best ※Target store in hall of purchase receipt is product sales store, food court store, eating and drinking store. Store where shit museum TOKYO, paper receipt including ZEPP DiverCity(TOKYO) are not issued is excluded.

◎Facility formula Instagram follow & campaign to click the like button on

During event period, we respond in facility formula Instagram and click the like button on target contribution We present 7m!n check with signature from person who had you do this by lot. Please confirm facility formula Instagram.

※Contents may become change, cancellation without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※The details of campaign are going to announce in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza HP in future.

Event Information

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