★ GW ★ Decks Golden Festival ★ Thousands of pulls ★<DECKS Tokyo Beach>

  • 2022-04-29 ~ 2022-05-08
  • Daiba area

From April 29th (Friday / holiday) to May 8th (Sunday), 2022 during Golden Week, we will hold fun events such as "Decks Golden Festival 2022" and "Super Giant! Senbonbiki".

★Decks Golden Festival 2022

A large collection of activities and shops!
Play that represents fairs, super ball scooping, die cutting, yo-yo fishing. In addition, there will be a Kendama class, a Beigoma tournament, and demonstration sales of Amezaiku.
Lots of fun content such as samurai culture experience, kimono dressing experience that can be worn in 3 minutes, personal color diagnosis, workshops, sales of toys and miscellaneous goods!

  • Period
    April 29th (Friday / holiday) -May 8th (Sunday), 2022 
  • Time
    11 : 00-21: 00
  • Place
    Island Mall 3F Event Space

* Participation fee is required for each activity (some activities are free of charge).
* Some activities have an age limit.
▶︎For more information is here

★ Super huge! Thousand pulls

The familiar Senbonbiki at the fair event is now available in a huge size of about 3m! !!
No loss of shopping tickets, popular home appliances, toys, etc.! What will you win?

  • Period
    April 29th (Friday / holiday), 30th (Saturday), May 1st (Sunday), 3rd (Tuesday / holiday), 4th (Wednesday / holiday), 5th (Thursday / holiday), 2022 )
  • Time
    12:00 to 19:00 (Last reception 18:45)
    * Ends as soon as it runs out
  • Place
    Seaside Mall 3F Seaside Square
    * In stormy weather, Seaside Mall 5F Restaurant Square/li>

* Purchase receipt on the day of Decks Tokyo Beach 1000 yen (tax included, total) Yes) By presenting the above, you can participate only once per person.

Event Information

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