Craft Coke Village <ARIAKE GARDEN>

  • 2022-04-02 ~ 2022-04-10
  • Ariake north area

32 kinds of craft cola from all over the country gather in Ariake Garden!
We will hold an experience-based event "Craft Cola Village" that touches the deep world of craft cola ♪

Mr. Ryosuke Soramizu, the chief editor of craft cola specialized media "Cola Fan" who is the leading person of craft cola enthusiasts Supervises the event.
Mr. Soramizu carefully selects 32 types of craft cola from all over Japan, and the creators also participate to convey their thoughts and passion for the product.
* Participation of the creator is a part.

In order to let you experience craft cola from various angles, we will sell not only craft cola but also related products and materials, as well as products where you can feel the skills of the region and the creator.

★Event Details

  • Date
    April 2, 2022 (Sat) -April 10, 2022 (Sun)
  • Open time
  • Venue
    Mall 2F Central Atrium Square
  • Contact information
    UMAMI COLA Co., Ltd.
    Person in charge: 090-6618-4897

\Tasting corner/

We have a tasting corner where you can try the cola you care about!
Even if you haven't tried craft cola before, please try it ♪
* The types of tasting that can be sampled differ depending on the time of day.
* The tasting will end as soon as it runs out.


Experience the depth of craft cola with all five senses, such as the fruits and spices used as ingredients, and the commitment of the creator.

<Demonstration type workshop>
The craft cola maker will teach you how to make craft cola and explain the materials while demonstrating.
The finished craft cola can be sampled on the spot.
* The tasting will end as soon as it runs out.
[Date] 4/4 (Monday) -8 (Friday)
[Holding time] 14: 00 ~ / 17: 00 ~ (about 30 minutes)
[Participation fee] Free

<Participatory workshop>
Making your own original craft cola under the guidance of a professional maker I can.
You can take your own syrup home with you.
[Date] 4/2 (Sat), 3 (Sun), 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun)
[Holding time] 14: 00- / 17: 00- (about 60 minutes)
[Participation fee] 1,500 per group Yen (tax included)
[Capacity] 3 groups each time (first-come-first-served basis / up to 5 people per group)
[Target age] Junior high school students and above (Please join with parents if you are a junior high school student or younger)
[Reception Method] First-come-first-served basis at the venue on the day

Event Information

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