A 2023 Special Winter Exhibition, “A Water and Words Exhibition” <Tokyo Sewerage Museum &“Rainbow”>

  • 2023-12-05 ~ 2024-01-31
  • Ariake north area

This exhibition displays panels that investigate "water" and "words"!

How many words do you know that are related to water, in which words such as "water," "ocean," "river," or "rain" are used in those words?
This latest special exhibition displays panels that investigate water and words from the distinctive viewpoint of the Tokyo Sewerage Museum "Rainbow."
If you were to look at water and sewerage from various viewpoints, you should discover something new.
Perhaps there will be ideal words for you to use in your winter vacation homework or your first calligraphy of the year...?
Please definitely see the exhibition.

◆Event Outline

December 5, 2023 (Tuesday) - January 31, 2024 (Wednesday)

Event Information

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  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
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