A town that will heat up the future of TOKYO is born in Tokyo Bay Ariake.

Looking ahead to 2020, a number of sports legacy facilities, Toyosu market and a lot of tourist’s facilities * have opened one after another, and this area is attracting a lot of attention as an outing spot where children and adults can fully enjoy.
The complex, which will open in such a new landmark of Tokyo, will also create a place where unexpected encounters and connections can be made as a presence that livens up the area.

Support colorful daily life for people living in the Tokyo Bay area

There are around 200 commercial facilities with living infrastructure such as a large supermarket of over 3,000 m2 and a clinic mall with 6 medical departments to support life in the Tokyo Bay area.
On the first floor of the commercial building, there is a bus terminal for local buses, sightseeing buses, and limousine buses so that it equips the convenience of transportation.
We also have a wide variety of food stores, including 13 food courts, 39 restaurants and cafes, and relaxing hotel restaurants.

Creating the space to make enjoyable Tokyo Bay Life that responds to diverse lifestyles

There are plenty of spots where you can enjoy walking with your pet such as the season promenade where you can enjoy the changes of the four seasons, and the forest park where you can enjoy various plants and flowers standing side by side. An atrium deck that raises expectations. The 96 meter main road leads to hotels, halls, commercial facilities and large-scale hot spring facilities. The 4 terraces in the commercial building are a relaxing space with different expressions. Not only as a resting space, but also as a fountain show of light, sound, and water that can be enjoyed whenever you visit, popjets that children will love, etc., there is plenty of fun in each terrace.
General Information
  • Opening Hours
    Shop 10: 00 a.m. - 8: 00 p.m.
    Restaurant 11: 00 a.m. - 9: 00 p.m.
    *Some stores' business hours are different.
  • Days Closed
    Open all-year-round
  • Website
  • Contact (Phone)
  • Nearest Station
    • Yurikamome
      Ariake Station 2 minutes on foot Ariake-tennis-no-mori Station 3 minutes on foot
    • Rinkai Line
      Kokusai-tenjijo Station 6 minutes on foot

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Places to See in the Area

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  • 臨海副都心エリアのメタTourismマップ
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
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