Rainbow Sewerage Museum Presents “Sewage Day Week” Digital Stamp Rally <Tokyo Sewerage Museum “Rainbow”>

  • 2023-09-10 ~ 2023-09-30
  • Ariake north area

"Sewage Day" is on September 10th of every year

We will hold a "Sewage Day Week" Digital Stamp Rally in commemoration!! Please join us!!

◆Event Outline

Answer quiz questions at participating facilities to collect three stamps, then come to the reception desk of the Rainbow Sewerage Museum.
Show the "Clear Bonus" display to draw one lottery prize.
*There are no blank tickets.
*You will be awarded one of the A to C prizes, or a secret prize!

  • Event Date
    September 10th (Sunday) - September 30th (Saturday)
  • Event Times
    9:30 - 16:30
    *Prizes can be redeemed until September 30 16:30.
  • Venue
    ①Edogawa City Library
    ②Kawasaki Robostage
    ③Gas science Museum
    ④Ariake Sports Center
    ⑦Tokyo Water Science Museum
    ⑧Tokyo Sewerage Museum “Rainbow”
  • How to participate
    ▶︎Please check the event flyer by clicking Download PDF File then use the QR code to participate.
    *You can also access it by clicking on the QR code.
  • Prize Information
    Prize A:Moshimoni Sonael Disaster Prevention Bottle Set of 6
    Prize B:Moshimoni Sonael FM Pocket Radio
    Prize C:Earth-kun Acrylic Key Chain
    Secret:One of the novelties in the Rainbow Sewerage Museum
  • Attention
    *Please access using Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android.
    *Please do not use Private/Incognito mode.
    *(For iPhone users) Please do not use "Code Scanner."
    *Please do not delete your browser history while participating.
    *This event uses browser cookies to save the browsing history. If you do not follow the above guidelines, there is a risk that the stamps you collected will be lost.

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

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