Smile Africa Project Running Festival 2019<Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park>

  • 2019-11-23 ~ 2019-11-23
  • Ariake south area

"Smile Africa Project" has been presenting shoes unused since 2009 to children in Kenya. As an event to connect feelings to Kenya by running, we are continuing from last year running wearing a Tasuki (a kind of sash) with the team and aim for (About 11,300 kilometers) running between Japan and Nairobi in Kenya. Currently, we have been running 9,353.2 kilometers. This year too, we hold the programs that enable us to engage in it regardless of age, gender, or disability. Let's enjoy sports with family and friends! On the day, Sydney Olympic gold medalist Naoko Takahashi and Sydney Paralympic silver medalist Jun Hiromichi will also appear as guests!

[A relay marathon connecting to Africa] will be connected in a relay format for 3 hours with up to 2 to 6 persons in a group..
(1 lap 1.35 km)
Subject: Older than elementary school students Participation fee: ¥3,240 per person (Tax included)

[Running with parents and children]
Subject: Children under elementary school with their guardian (1 lap 1.35 km)
Participation fee: 3,240 yen per pair for 2 people in a group (Tax included), 4,860 yen for 3 people in a group (Tax included)
*All events can be joined in regardless of disability. If you need someone to run with or support you, please run together with them. Up to one person is free of charge to run together with you or support you.

[Participation Prize] an original T-shirt, certificate of completion
[How to apply] Please apply on the official website for participation.

[Contact] Smile African Project Executive Committee
Phone: 03-6427-1086

Event Information

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