3rd Ariake Garden x Comogomo Exhibition <ARIAKE GARDEN>

  • 2022-04-29 ~ 2022-05-08
  • Ariake north area

Let's experience art with the artists of the Comogomo exhibition during Golden Week!

The popular Komogomo exhibition is back in Golden Week!
10 days to feel close to art, such as concerts by artists from Tokyo University of the Arts and workshops perfect for Children's Day and Mother's Day!

◆Event Outline

  • Event Date
    April 29, 2022 (Friday) -May 8, 2022 (Sunday)
  • Event Times
    From 11:00 to 17:00
    * Please see the text for the detailed implementation time of each content.
  • Venue
    Others [Mall 2F Central Atrium Square, Mall 3F Everyone's Terrace, Mall 5F Water Terrace]
  • Contact information
    Ariake Garden Management Office 0570-077-711

■Comogomo Everyone's mini concert

We will hold a live performance of violin and cello.
Let's sing and dance with the performance and enjoy the music together!
Location : Mall 3F Minna no Terrace, Mall 5F Water Terrace
Participation fee : Free

■Ariake Garden Minna no Concert 2022 ~ The world of Ghibli to enjoy with the orchestra ~

5/3 (Tuesday / holiday), an orchestra concert by the Tokyo Gakudai Komogomo Symphony Orchestra will be held for one day only at the Tokyo Garden Theater !
Admission is possible from 0-year-old children ・ All songs played are "Studio Ghibli" works!
Date and time : 5/3 (Tuesday / holiday) Open 14:30 / Start 16:00
Location : Tokyo Garden Theater
Participation fee : Paid (ticket system)
⇒Please check the URL below for details

■Art Workshop

Location : Mall 2F Central Atrium Square
Workshop details : Please review our official website.
How to participate in the art workshop :
①Advance reservations
will be accepted from the Comogomo Exhibition website until 21:00 the day before the implementation date.
https://www.komogomoten.com/ Ariake Garden ws Reservation

②Same-day reservation From
10:45 on the day, we will accept orders at the reception desk on the 2nd floor of the mall.

■The Comogomo Art Marche

Art Workshop, his art works and accessories such as paintings, glass works and accessories of the artists participating in the Comogomo exhibition will be exhibited and sold.
Date and time : 5/3 (Tuesday / holiday) -5/8 (Sunday) 11: 00-17: 00
Location : Mall 2F Central Atrium Square

Event Information

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