[42nd Event] Let’s Play Together! Enjoy Rainbows Kit<Tokyo Sewerage Museum “Rainbow”>

  • 2023-09-17 ~ 2023-09-24
  • Ariake north area

The theme for our 42nd Enjoy Rainbows Kit is "Let's make a bubble you can touch!"

The Enjoy Rainbows Kit, which started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a popular event for the museum.
The craft kits are different every month and let you learn at home along with your child. They are available for free.
We hope you’ll join us!

◆Event Outline

  • Application Period
    September 17th (Sun) - September 24th (Sun)
  • Venue
    The kit will be delivered to your home
  • Entry fee
    Free (no shipping charges)
  • How to participate
    ▶︎Apply via the web form
  • Target audience
    100 kits
  • Shipping
    Friday, September 29th(TBD)
    *If the number of applications exceeds the number of kits available, recipients will be determined via lottery.
    *Winners will be notified by the delivery of the kit in the mail.

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

  • MAP(PDF)
  • 臨海副都心エリアのメタTourismマップ
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
  • FREE Wifi