Cutting Edge Technology, Together! “We’ve Come This Far! A Future of Self Driving Cars”<Venue: Miraikan>

  • 2017-12-23 ~ 2017-12-23

What comes to mind when you hear the words: “Self-driving car”?

The technology behind self-driving cars is currently being developed across the world, and the Japanese government has set 2020 as a target for the introduction of ‘level 4’ technology (where the car is capable of automated driving without the driver having to be in control), as part of a drive towards the widespread adoption of driverless cars.

It is likely, that in several years, we will routinely see self-driving cars on our streets. When that time comes, what kind of relationship will we have with the technology?

Date: Saturday December 23rd 2017

Venue: Miraikan 5F, Small Studio | Street in front of the Miraikan

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    2017-12-23 ~ 2017-12-23
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