5th “Ships and the Sea” Picture Book Reading & Mini Gallery Talk<Venue: Museum of Maritime Science>

  • 2017-12-24 ~ 2017-12-24

At this picture book reading, we’ll be hearing about a magical dolphin who helps guide ships out at sea!

“Jack the Dolphin”, written by Shigeru Shiraki, with illustrations by Yoshino Yasu. (Published in 1974)

Towards the end of the 19th century, a dolphin appeared in the narrow straits of New Zealand. The dolphin would approach boats sailing in dangerous waters, and seemingly guide them to safety - swimming alongside the boats. People called the dolphin “Jack”, and many people loved him… But there were a few who hunted poor Jack. Watch out Jack!

This is a the true story of a remarkable dolphin who came to be protected by New Zealand law.

Date: Sunday December 24th 2017

Time: 14:30 –

Venue: Museum of Maritime Science,  Exhibition Annex

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