Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

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Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute is a test and research institute established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote industrial development in Tokyo and to contribute to improving the lives of citizens by being provided technical support to small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo.
As technical support we include technical consultation, testing, equipment use, research and development, and human resource development, and in addition to basic technologies such as machinery, electricity and electronics, materials, and information, we also provide support in a wide range of fields, including environment and energy conservation, mechatronics, system design, and bio-application, to help companies commercialize products.
In October 2010, we established our headquarters in the waterfront subcenter of Odaiba, and are developing our business in 5 locations in Tokyo.
Several times a year, we hold events to allow visitors to experience science and technology by visiting laboratories that are not normally accessible and observing the equipment.

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