Let’s make a tweet diary together<Miraikan>

  • 2022-03-19 ~ 2022-05-30
  • Aomi area

Regarding the panel exhibition

We made the trend of the number of newly infected individuals in Japan and the occasional news regarding COVID-19 into panels. Would you like to write what you felt onto a sticky note and add it to the panels?

Seeking everyone's voices on social media as well

We are seeking what everyone felt during the COVID-19 epidemic on social media as well apart from the panel exhibition.
Social media that we are using:Twitter
How to post:Please post with the hashtag "#theCOVID-19thatwefelt_Miraikan".
Attention:Please post text that you wrote personally.
- The copyright of the posted text will be attributed to the poster.
- If you are underage, please get your guardian's consent before posting.
- Please refrain from posts that are not in line with the purpose of this project.
- Contents posted as part of this project are the posters' opinions and do not represent Miraikan's opinion.
▶︎Tweet on Twitter

★Event Outline

  • Dates and Times of Event
    March 19th (Sat) to May 30th (Mon), 2022  10:00~17:00
    *Closed on this day  4/12,19,26,5/10,17,24
  • Venue
    National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 5TH Floor Lobby (in front of Miraikan Cafe)
  • For Whom
    We are targeting elementary school students and older, but anyone can participate.
  • Attendance Fee
    *Please purchase a ticket to view the exhibition.
  • Organizing

▶︎For details, please check our official homepage.

Event Information

Places to See in the Area

  • MAP(PDF)
  • Happy coupon
  • 東京臨海 動画ギャラリー
  • FREE Wifi