“Tokyo Ramen Kokugi-kan Mai” Odaiba Limited Ramen Will Be Renewed! <AQUA CITY ODAIBA>

  • 2019-04-20 ~ 2020-03-31
  • Daiba area

“Tokyo Ramen Kokugi-kan Mai” celebrates its 3rd anniversary this year since its grand opening, and many domestic and foreign customers are visiting every day. And, Odaiba-limited ramen, which are being provided at six stores in Tokyo Ramen Kokugi-kan Mai, will be renewed on April 20th (Sat). Celebrating the 3rd anniversary, please enjoy the newly born Odaiba limited ramen at any rate.
Sales Period: Starting on April 20th, 2019 (Sat) ※ Sales throughout the year

Ramen Gyoku Akazonae
"Tokusei Noko Miso Ramen (special rich miso ramen)" 1,280 JPY (incl. tax)
It is a great ramen with which you can fully enjoy the flavor of the thick miso sauce and vegetables blended with 10 ingredients selected carefully.

Nidai-me (the Second) Hakata Daruma
"Niku-mori Char Siu Ramen (assorted meat char siu ramen)" 1,300 JPY (incl. tax)
It is an evolved version of char siu noodles topped with roasted toro pork and plenty of thinly sliced char siu.

"Tokusei Noko Ebi Tonkotsu Tsuke-men (special rich shrimp and pork bone dipping ramen)" 1,150 JPY (incl. tax)
This is a flavory specialty with a large amount of shrimp. The chewy and thick noodles match the thick soup.

"Wagyu Char Siu Baitan Ramen" 1,400 JPY (incl, tax)
It is an extravagant ramen with extra-large wagyu char siu in the tasty rich beef baitan soup.

Kanazawa Rich Tonkotsu Ramen, Shinsen
"Gyu Buta Niku Shibikara Mara Tonkotsu Ramen (extremely spicy beef and pork ramen with pork bone)" 1,200 JPY (incl. tax)
It is a luxurious ramen with which you can enjoy special savory beef carefully selected and roasted and pork char siu, the extreme spiciness of delicious and spicy "ma-ra soy sauce" and boasting pure tonkotsu broth.

Sapporo Misono
"Aburi Tontoro Buta-mori Kiwami Miso Ramen (roasted tontoro pork premium miso ramen)" 1,300 JPY (incl. tax)
It is a ramen which is topped with a lot of ingredients such as pork toro char siu and pork belly meat seasoned with specially made sauce on authentic Sapporo miso ramen.

Furthermore, from April 22nd (Mon), "Toku Nomi Set" will be limitedly available during the business hours; Weekdays: 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm (L.O. 10:30 pm). "Toku Nomi Set" is a bargain set with which you can enjoy specialty ramen of each store in "Tokyo Ramen Kokugi-kan Mai" and the drinks including alcohol for 1,300 JPY (incl. tax). Please feel free to stop by "Tokyo Ramen Kokugi-kan Mai" on your way home from work.

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