Winter Programming Challenge! [KOOV™: Hands-on Experience with Sony’s Programming Study Kit]<Venue: Sony ExploraScience>

  • 2017-12-13 ~ 2018-01-08

We welcome you to “KOOV Touch & Try”.

KOOV is a robot programming kit that allows you to make different shapes out of blocks and then program various movements. The kit helps development in a number of ways — by combining different blocks, you can enrich your self-expression as well as cultivate your inquisitiveness through coding. The kit also promotes creativity as children learn and engage with the digital application. The kit functions both as plaything and as a teaching material.

Dates: Wednesday December 13th – Monday January 8th 2018

Venue: Sony ExploraScience, SES Studio

For more details please visit the organizer's website.

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