[Special Experiment Workshop] A Message from Nobel Chemist: Making Conductive Plastic!<Venue: Miraikan>

  • 2018-02-17 ~ 2018-03-31

This special workshop, delivered by Professor Shirakawa, aims to reveal the enjoyment and wonder of science, through an exciting experiment. The theme is conductive plastics. Participants will have the chance to make conductive plastics themselves.

Conductive plastics were discovered and developed by Eiki Shirakawa, A. J. Heeger, and A. G. MacDiarmid, who won the Nobel Prize in 2000.

When we say “plastic” we often think of bottles, shopping bags and so on. Plastic is part of our everyday lives, and something we come across on a routine basis. Plastic is light yet strong, easy to manufacture, doesn’t rust like metal, and is resistant to many chemicals. One thing plastic can’t do, is conduct electricity.

Conductive plastic is a new invention that addresses this issue, whilst improving on many other qualities of plastic. In 1977, Prof Shirakawa discovered that a type of plastic called polyacetylene would let electric current pass through it. Just like lithium-ion batteries and electrolytic condensers, conductive plastic are becoming increasingly popular.


① Saturday February 17th 2018

② Saturday March 31st 2018

Time: 13:00–16:30

(Time required, 3 hours 30 minutes, with breaks included)

Capacity: 20

For: Elementary school 5th grade pupils and above

Advance booking required

For more details please visit the organizer’s website.

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    2018-02-17 ~ 2018-03-31
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